The First Step

The First Step

The First Step is a course to familiarize yourself with the basics of doing business on Amazon. During the course, we conduct a full audit of past activities, evaluate Amazon's sales potential, make recommendations, and conduct the process of creating an account on the platform.


The First Step course is for Sellers who are starting their activities on the platform and need full support in sales, logistics, integration, administrative support and legal assistance.

The scope of the First Step:


  • Review of the current activity of the company
  • Verification of the company for possible operation on Amazon
  • Review of the possibility of commissioning on Amazon

Audit of the products:

  • Review of the product range and the sales model
  • Review of sales opportunities and restrictions
  • Review of the ability to sell products on Amazon

Market check:

  • Review of product categories and price thresholds
  • Review of direct and indirect competition
  • Review of selected markets in terms of sales

Logistics and integration test:

  • Review of the existing logistics network
  • Check the storage options
  • Review the possibilities of integration with Amazon